• David Millay

Measuring your Cultural Change Initiative

When you take on an initiative to enhance your culture, it's important that you set measurements in place.

Otherwise, you'll never be able to quantify your investment of time, manpower and resources. 

Just the thought of measuring a culture change can be intimidating, so it's important you don't get overwhelmed with finding the perfect measure.

Go with a few things that are "good enough" and get to work. 

Some of our favorite culture metrics to get started with?

  • Number of people involved in the initiative. Was this something that the execs sat in the room and came up with or was it a org-wide process?

  • Behavioral KPIs through employee engagement survey tools. Questions on an agree-disagree scale like “I feel valued by my leader” help to indicate if leaders are practicing what they preach.

  • Even business KPIs can be useful- dive into your gameday surveys from your ticket sales team, find a couple of questions that reflect your goals, and monitor them year to year.

To read more, check out the PWC Strategy + Business article that inspired this post.


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