• David Millay

Customer Experience vs. Customer Service

The NBA's Atlanta Hawks have been an innovative league leader when it comes to fan experience.

Local star rapper, Killer Mike, has a specialty barbershop in the arena and Top Golf has a suite with golf simulators.

They created "neighborhoods" within the arena and localized food options, with new concession concepts like Zac Brown's Social Club and Rita's Italian Ice.

They were the first NBA arena to offer a "fan-friendly pricing" menu that featured 11 items for less than $5... but added more POS to accommodate for more demand (don't overlook that).

We played a small part in 2017, helping to train staff with a renewed focus on customer service.

But for the Hawks, it was about more than just customer service, it was about the overall customer experience (CX).

We define customer service as what the organization does "for" the customer, how the customer is made to feel, often tied to human behaviors.

But customer experience is much bigger, encompassing what the arena smells like, the theming, the wayfinding, the amenities, food pricing, the payment processes, even the cleanliness of the barbershop.    

For the full article from Front Office Sports: https://bit.ly/2RV2qR5


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