Sports, entertainment and live events are all at a standstill. 


You're planning for the new "normal" when we re-open our doors. But trying to brainstorm over Zoom calls just doesn't cut it.

We feel your pain. 


Introducing the Experience Design Sprint. Created to help organizations identify the biggest problems facing them and quickly build customer-tested solutions.  All before Day 1. 

experience design SPRINT


Storytelling  Business Strategy 
Design Thinking Principles 

 Prototyping Innovation

Behavioral Science   

Tests with Customers  

How can an experience design sprint help my organization?

Can you do an experience design sprint virtually?

To help you quickly create solutions to your biggest problems, we've combining a unique problem solving approach designed at Google with our expertise as former Disney leaders and operators.

The result is a 2-week process that takes your team from unanswered question to customer tested-prototype.

Is an experience design sprint for me?


We work with your team to create customer personas and understand current state


We use customer journey maps to identify paint points and prioritize opportunities


We ideate with the team to create tons of new potential solutions


Team leaders decide on one or two solution(s) to move forward with 


We build a mock webpage or a simulated physical process, or anything in-between


We test the solution with your actual customers, then bring back the feedback for an MVP

how does it WORK?

We built this product so you can be successful when you open your doors Day 1

During a normal busy season, you're running from one event to the next, too busy to think. Too busy to strategize. But now that we finally have the time to strategize, no one can collaborate together in the office. You're stuck doing a Zoom call and looking like the Brady Bunch, hoping someone took meeting notes. We've been there. We've been a part of it, firsthand.

It's painful to see: Some half-baked ideas get tossed around, and you decide on one you like. But by the time the decision makers have approved you to work on the idea, it's too late to execute it properly. And what if you spend all this time, energy and potentially money and your customers don't react the way you anticipated?

That's where our Experience Design Sprint comes in. 

Facilitated by former Disney leaders, we'll take you through a structured, storytelling focused process. By the end, you'll have a real-world solution that ties emotional connections to business results.


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