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You see it in the news and you feel it in your business.


National attendance trends are declining. Your fans’ behaviors are changing. Your expenses are rising. But it’s hard to innovate because you’re so busy executing.


You feel overwhelmed with where to start because there is so much to be done, and so many competing priorities. And there's no one person in your department who truly owns gameday to look at it as a whole. 

Even the industry leaders feel that pain too. But they aren't trying to solve it alone...


We can help. 

We're not gurus or keynote speakers. We're a team who's actually done it before.


We've led customer experience transformations with athletic departments, with sports complexes and with the world's most magical theme parks and resorts.

Now we're helping Penn State. 

Sandy Barbour
Penn State Vice President for Intercollegiate Athletics


This model provides a visual for how we are working with Penn State to create a world-class fan experience for years to come. 

Starting with "a", we're creating new ways to understand Penn State fans. Those insights are informing our strategy and operational workplan at a senior level. That's all great on paper, but we're spending time enhancing how the work actually gets done and how team members interact with one another and the fans. At the tail of the approach,  those behaviors and mindsets allow us to innovate new services and products that we can monetize and generate incremental revenue.   

Fan Insights





By creating new "listening posts" for fans, we're helping Penn State learn more about the functional, social and emotional needs of their fans throughout the customer journey.

With an EngageMint team member working within Penn State's office, we are helping to create new operational systems and processes to drive efficiency and consistency.

Using best practices learned from our time working at the Walt Disney Company, we are creating behavioral frameworks with Penn State to guide how employees treat each other and the fans.

As we design customer journey maps specific for different Penn State fan personas, we're creating unique products and services that relieve pain and create gains for fans.

Ultimately, we're helping drive revenue for Penn State to give to the student-athletes, by helping optimize assets to generate incremental revenue streams and get huge ROI.

To see if EngageMint can help your organization, set-up an intro call with one of our Senior Partners. If it's a fit, great! If you prefer to go it alone, feel free to check out our free content to help you crush it.